If You’re Approaching Retirement, Make Sure You Do It Right

It isn’t all about money. In fact, it’s mostly about structuring a life you’ll enjoy that keeps you engaged (but sure, money is in there too)…

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I think I qualify as a near-retiree.

Frankly, I could afford to stop working now, if we were willing to give up our dream home and move back to our previous house (that we still own and are leasing out). But unless forced into it, why would we?

So, what…

If You’re in Mid-Career, It’s Your Last Best Chance to Achieve Financial Freedom

7 top money tips from 4 top finance writers on how to make the most of your peak earning years

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Are you entering, or already in, your peak earning years?

If so, here are some great financial tips….

According to CNBC, college-educated, full-time workers reach peak earning around age 55, with median income about 87% higher than at age 22 for men, and 57% higher for women.

At age 40…

Investing Debates Are Always Fun, and Often Illuminating

A deep dive into data comparing a portfolio of actively managed funds to a different portfolio of low-cost index funds counters a common argument…

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Seven months ago, I quoted Warren Buffet’s famous advice:

A low-cost fund is the most sensible equity investment for the great majority of investors. My mentor, Ben Graham, took this position many years ago, and everything I have seen since convinces me of its truth.

I then wrote, “I’d be…

Money Tips Aren’t Necessarily All About Money

Four top finance writers offer their top money tips for 20- and 30-somethings…

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Four of us weighed in on it, with different perspectives.

It’s likely partly due to our age differences. Charlie Brown and Ben Le Fort are youngest, in their late 30s, Jason Clendenen is into his 40s, and the oldest of the bunch, I’m (barely, but still) in my 50s.


What You Can Learn from Finance Writers Regrets and Wisdom

A panel of personal finance writers shares their worst-ever and best financial decisions, leading to an interesting conclusion…

Two doors side by side, a blue door and a red door. Which will you choose?
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We all have those memories.

The one decision that makes us cringe to this very day. The one other decision we’re incredibly happy to have made.

These worst & best decisions aren’t limited to money decisions, but that’s what we’ll dig into today…

Worst-Ever Money Decisions Revealed by Top Personal Finance Authors

I’m happy to share my own worst-ever…

What Do Top Finance Writers Do with Their Own Money?

Personal finance is just that, personal, but some advice is worth considering when you want to make informed decisions…

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If you live in a “developed country,” you know that two of the three biggest-ticket items you’re likely to ever buy are cars and homes.

(The third is likely to be a college education — those come with some steep price tags these days! Sheesh!)

It’s true for me too…

Over 30 Million US Businesses (99.9% of All US Businesses) Are Small Businesses, and There’s a Good Reason for That

I never intended to start a business, let alone 3, but 11 years later, it turned out to be the best decision I could have made — here’s why…

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If you’re facing a decision, whether to continue being an employee or starting your own new business, that’s a tough one.

I should know.

I faced exactly that decision in late 2010, when I was laid off. But we’re jumping ahead here, so let’s start closer to the beginning…


You Don’t Have to Stay in the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Trap Forever

The ultimate step-by-step guide on applying advice from the #1 best-selling small-business finance book on Amazon to your personal finances and starting your path to freedom…

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I know exactly what it feels like.

For years after getting my PhD I lived paycheck to paycheck, with $31k a tight squeeze for a family of 4.

It was a long, hard slog to get out of that helpless feeling, one minor “emergency” from getting sucked into a debt…

Feeling Rich Has Much Less to Do with Objective Wealth than You’d Imagine

If all you pursue is money, you’ll never feel rich; do this instead (or at least in addition)…

Massive mansion from the so-called “Guilded Age” with a perfectly manicured lawn in front and a cloudless blue sky above.
Mansion from the so-called “Guilded Age.” Image credit: by author

We were on our way to our first week-long vacation in a long time.

With the Covid Delta Variant around, we chose a destination within driving distance, albeit a long drive.

To pass the time, my wife put on for us an episode of Shankar Vedantam’s “Hidden Brain,” titled “Why…

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