I’ve Had It with the Near-0% Interest Rates Paid by My Bank So I Tried High-Interest Accounts, But…

Here’s why, and how you can do better outpacing high inflation…

Man holding open an empty wallet.
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I’d had it with the next-to-0% interest Bank of America pays on checking account balances.

I bet you feel the same, because it isn’t just my bank, or just checking accounts for that matter.

It’s become next to impossible to get a decent interest rate.

Slim Interest-Rate Pickings Are a Real Problem

If you’re banking at most…

When “Customer Service” Isn’t

Or, how I just saved hundreds of dollars by paying attention, and how you can too…

Pile of $100 bills burning.
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I just saved hundreds of dollars.

All it took was paying attention, and acting on what I realized.

Before I give you all the details, I’d like to make a small detour to set up the context.

A Joke that Hits Close to Home

There’s something many great jokes share.

They start off with an everyday occurrence…

If You’re a Professional Working as an Employee, Here’s Something to Think About

When life shuts the door in your face (or it’s just time for a change), pull open a window…

Small chalkboard with the word “IMPOSSIBLE” written on it, but a man’s hand covers part of it, leaving visible just “POSSIBLE”
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It was a weekday, early September, 2010.

A pleasant time of year in Maryland. The sky was blue with just a few clouds, the temperature was in the low 70s, with a brisk breeze reminding me autumn was coming.

As usual, I drove in to the small engineering services company…

In Their Search for Sensational Headlines, Mainstream Media Sources Often Get It Wrong

Proving with data that new cars aren’t all that expensive after all compared to the past…

A shiny silver sedan in a dark lot.
Photo by Kevin Bonilla on Unsplash

It was predictable.

I’m not talking about the spike in used-car prices, though that too isn’t surprising.

No, I’m talking about the doomsday drumbeat about “through-the-roof” new-car prices. Here’s a representative sample of half-a-dozen pieces harping on that theme:

Guess What Happens When You Follow Simplistic Rules

Do you want to be able to retire, ever? How do you know how much money you really need for that?

Man’s hand holding a red puzzle piece, trying to find its spot among many gray puzzle pieces on a semi-lit desk.
Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

We all love simple rules, don’t we?

They help us feel more control in a complex world where we have so little control over our circumstances.

Go to college, get a degree, get a job, work hard for several decades, then retire comfortably. …

If You’re Sick of the 9-to-5, This One’s for You

If you’re still an employee, starting your own professional practice may be easier and more attractive than you ever thought

Two young women seen from behind, jumping and clicking their heels on a city street.
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If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of over 157 million Americans employed by someone else.

You’re also far more likely to be among the nearly half of employees unhappy with their job and/or employer, than among the 13% who are largely satisfied.

Finally, you’re likely one of over half…

More Money Isn’t All Good

Here’s how you can enjoy the benefits while avoiding the downside…

Black and white image of a somber young man covering his face with a stack of banknotes.
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One of my favorite websites is despair.com.

You know those slick motivational posters big companies love hanging on their office walls? Like “Teamwork” or “Success”? Well, Despair sells products that mock those posters.

Their website says:


Gotta love…

How Do Small-Business Owners Build Wealth?

Or, How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire…

Man standing leaning on a railing, silhouetted against a sunset over the ocean, with his reflection seen on a plate-glass window.
Photo by Raymond Lee on Unsplash

It isn’t for everyone.

If your business struggles to turn a profit, this won’t help. But once you make (much) more than you need to cover expenses, it’s time!

A Good Problem to Have, but Still, a Problem

Different than most, I was actually happy when my taxes were first on track to exceed the median US salary.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness?! Of Course It Can, and Does!

Plus 3 tips on maximizing that next raise…

Young woman counting money.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I know it’s unpopular to say so in some circles, but yes, money can buy happiness.

Certainly, as my mom’s experience of poverty early in her life taught her, having less money than you need buys misery.

Then there’s that research people love to bandy about, that they claim proved…

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