The Guardian Asked: How Have You Been Affected by the Israel-Hamas War?

So, my sister answered…

Opher Ganel


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I was born in Israel, 61 years ago.

Both my (older) sisters still live there, both near Tel Aviv.

Here’s my middle sister’s answer to the Guardian…

This War Started with Atrocities, What Came Next Was Almost Worse

This letter is in response to your question: “People in Israel: how have you been affected by the Israel-Hamas war?

Of course, there’s the direct impact of the war and of the terrorist massacre that instigated it, but almost as painful is seeing the antisemitic response around the globe, including in Great Britain.

To those in England who call us “murderers” and worse, I’d remind you of your own history, and how in the days of the Irish “Troubles,” when the IRA killed civilians, your government reacted violently and often caused the death of civilians.

Certainly, the IRA was a terrorist organization that attacked your people. However, their worst atrocity killed just 12.

Scaling by population size, the Hamas attack of October 7 was over 600-fold worse!

How would your government have responded had the IRA murdered over 7200 of your people in one day, following continued attacks against civilians for over 15 years?

From Opportunity — Suffering

In 2005, Israel pulled out of Gaza, evicting over 8000 Israeli citizens out of 21 settlements, forcing them to leave behind their homes and their farms — their life’s work. This, to reduce the daily friction between the Palestinians and the IDF and allow them to rule themselves.

Moreover, Israel left intact the agricultural infrastructure of those settlements, so the Palestinians could use it to their benefit.

This was an opportunity for the people of Gaza to improve their lives, but instead, as soon as they could, they trashed everything in sight.

Then, less than two years later, Hamas took over.

Since then, despite acting as if they’re a legitimate government, with ministries…



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