The Israel-Hamas War: 5 Ridiculous Myths that Need Killing

Different than most articles about the Israel-Hamas war, this one draws on actual lived experience. On both sides!

Opher Ganel


Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system intercepts rockets launched from Gaza on October 11, 2023. (Mahmud HAMS/AFP)

My (Relevant) Background

Born in Israel, I spent 27 of my first 30 years there and served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF, Tsahal in Hebrew), in the early 1980s, including (thankfully brief) stints in Gaza and the West Bank.

In terms of Israeli politics, I’m left-of-center (though today I’d probably be considered far left since Israeli society, driven by decades of Palestinian terror attacks, has become far more hawkish).

Having lived over 30 years in the US, I’m not as personally affected by events on the ground, allowing me a somewhat less directly emotional viewpoint.

Still, being an Israeli-born Jewish person with family in Israel, I’ll freely admit that I’m biased to a certain extent.

That’s why I also include here the words and ideas of the so-called “Green Prince,” Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

5 Myths That Need Killing

Reading both individual opinions here on Medium and (to me) clearly antisemitically biased media reports, here are the top 5 myths that need to die.

  1. Israel is a colonial entity in the Middle East that requires “decolonization.”
  2. Israel is an “Apartheid” state.
  3. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.
  4. The Hamas attacks are a legitimate form of “resistance.”
  5. Fighting Hamas, and as a result killing 15,000 (and counting) innocent civilians will just create more extreme violence, so Israel must cease fire and negotiate peace.

If you believe any of these and consider yourself anything other than an antisemite and/or “useful idiot” supporting terror…



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